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Basic Finance for Charity Trustees

Blood flow in the body is vital for a living and healthy human being.


Finance in charities is like blood in the body. There is no charity activity without it. Money buys the goods and services for the most in need and connects the donating hand to the one that receives it.

In humans high blood pressure and cholesterol can lead to disease, heart attacks and death. Like humans charities follow the same path.

Cashflow problems, banking freeze, fraud, bad accounting and waste of money leads to beneficiaries losing out and in extreme cases a bust charity – unlike local government, charities are not bailed out and die their death. Recent Covid19 crisis has shown this far and wide.


To stay healthy humans need to work on their diet, regularly exercise and see the doctor for check-ups.


Charities are no different.

The political and social environment is constantly changing and the economic conditions are not always favorable. Quality of staff, training, regular performance reviews and checks by internal and external professionals, keeps the finances strong and healthy.

To be healthy, we don’t need to be health experts. We just need to know and do the basics. These basics can be life and death in the long term.

We have organised a Webinar – Finance Basics for Charity Trustees to discuss the basics of finance that should matter to Trustees of any size charity.


As a trustee, you don’t need to be a finance expert. All you need is to ask the right questions at the right time from the right people – our webinar is designed to equip you with just that.

Register now @ All registrants will receive a copy of the recording.

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