Webinar to simplify Covid19 Grants and Loans


Update on Q&A

Bounce Bank Loans and Charities

The condition for having more than 50% of the Business income from its trading activity does not apply to charities including Mosques.


Rental Income

Rental income is generally classed as non trading income, being investment income. For Bounce back loan purposes this may not be classed as trading activity.


Webinar Speakers

Nasir Rafiq BA FCA (Founder and Director @Dua Governance Chartered Accountant)


He is a widely experienced Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of professional experience. He specialises in helping organisations improve their financial governance and performance. He works with all size charities and businesses.


He graduated in Business Economics from University of Leicester and then qualified as a Chartered Accountant (ICAEW) with KPMG (UK). Having worked with PwC (UK) and KPMG (UK) for over seven years in the public sector, he later joined the world’s largest contract catering company, Compass Group PLC (FTSE 100). In his role as a Group Internal Auditor, he worked in the Middle East, South East Asia and Europe.


Nasir also worked as a Director and an Associate Partner at a Top 20 Accountancy firm in UK, leading the firms Business Governance Advisory service nationally covering the charity and business sectors.

Webinar: Furlough is Changing from 1 July. Is your Mosque / Charity ready


Webinar Speakers

Nasir Rafiq BA, FCA (Found Director @Dua Governance)

Nasir is a widely experienced Chartered Accountant and an expert in Financial Governance. He has extensive experience of working with charities of all sizes. He also advises many small to medium size businesses. During the lock down crisis he has been writing blogs on www.duathoughts.com and supporting many charities as they responded to the crisis.


Omar Rashid MCIPD (Director @The HR Dept)

Omar is CIPD qualified HR professional with widespread generalist and strategic experience. With a proven ability to work with senior managers to influence and integrate HR best practice into overall operational strategy. Omar has been working with charities and business during the lock down crisis, helping them to respond professionally and effectively.

Basic Finance for Charity Trustees

Blood flow in the body is vital for a living and healthy human being.


Finance in charities is like blood in the body. There is no charity activity without it. Money buys the goods and services for the most in need and connects the donating hand to the one that receives it.

In humans high blood pressure and cholesterol can lead to disease, heart attacks and death. Like humans charities follow the same path.

Cashflow problems, banking freeze, fraud, bad accounting and waste of money leads to beneficiaries losing out and in extreme cases a bust charity – unlike local government, charities are not bailed out and die their death. Recent Covid19 crisis has shown this far and wide.


To stay healthy humans need to work on their diet, regularly exercise and see the doctor for check-ups.


Charities are no different.

The political and social environment is constantly changing and the economic conditions are not always favorable. Quality of staff, training, regular performance reviews and checks by internal and external professionals, keeps the finances strong and healthy.

To be healthy, we don’t need to be health experts. We just need to know and do the basics. These basics can be life and death in the long term.

We have organised a Webinar – Finance Basics for Charity Trustees to discuss the basics of finance that should matter to Trustees of any size charity.


As a trustee, you don’t need to be a finance expert. All you need is to ask the right questions at the right time from the right people – our webinar is designed to equip you with just that.

Register now @ https://bit.ly/3DGXJSC. All registrants will receive a copy of the recording.

Gift Aid for Mosques

During the Covid19 crisis Mosques suffered as they had to close and there was no Government support available.


Despite this, many Mosques played a vital role. They managed Covid19 safe funeral prayers, promoted spiritual wellbeing using online facilities and supported the vulnerable in the community by reaching out to them.


The pandemic crisis has highlighted the importance of maximising the support available from Government. Gift Aid is one of the main way, the Government supports charities – Mosques often lose out by not having the systems in place to make the correct gift aid claims.


Even bucket donations collected during Friday prayers can attract gift aid with the right systems in place.


Our live webinar is designed to address the knowledge gap. We have joined up with Grant Thornton Tax experts who have direct experience in helping a Mosque claim significant funds in Gift Aid.


The webinar will be hosted by our Founder Director Nasir Rafiq, a widely experienced financial governance expert that helps many charities of all sizes and types within the Muslim Charity sector.


Date: Thursday 2 Sept, 6-7pm, Registration link https://tinyurl.com/w5u9at79.


A copy of the recording is available. Please email info@duagovernance.com for a copy with following details:


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2) Contact email

3) Organisation name